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    JK SOFT RESTAURANT -ORDERS- DRAWER IN / OUT LOCAITION: MAIN - Drawer In/Out (Button) in (start) : Enter starting money (for changes) Out (end) : Counting every cash in the cashdrawer ORDER LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - TABLE (IF DINING) 1. Check the location (TBALE/BAR TAB/TAKE OUT... ) 2. Choose the menu category 3. Choose the menus 4. Click the OK (pay later) / Payment (pay now) Your order will send to the kitchen PRINT CHECK LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - TABLE 1. Click specific table for print out check 2. Click the Print button below That table's check will print out and table color also change to blue MOVE, COMBINE TABLE​ LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - TABLE 1. Click the Table which you want to move 2. Click the move button in below 3. Choose the table which you want it to move or combine PAYMENT LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - PAYMENT 1. Click specific table for Payment 2. Click Payment Button (in top of right) If cash 3. Enter the Amount you received 4. Click Cash button 5. Change amount will pop-up and click OK for finish If card 3. Click Credit Card Button 4. Insert card to the Pin Pad REPRINT RECEIPT LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - Manage Orders 1. Found transaction from the list 2. Choose and Click Reprint button 3. Choose which you want to reprint VOID ORDER LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - Manage Orders 1. Found transaction from the list 2. Choose and Click Void Order button 3. Click Yes 4. Voided Order VOID PAYMENT LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - Manage Orders 1. Found transaction from the list 2. Choose and Click Void Order button 3. Click Yes 4. That Order status will change to un-paid SPLIT CHECK LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - TABLE 1. Click specific table for Split 2. Click the Split Check button below 3 options will pop-up split by guest number / menu items / amount If split by Menu Items 3. Click +ADD Button 4. Click menu items and drop to beside blank invoice 5. Click Print All for print our separate checks TABLE RESERVATION LOCAITION: MAIN - ORDERS - TABLE 1. Click + Reservation 2. In put reservation details and Click OK 3. when customer come, Click Seat Guest 4. Choose the Table 4. Select Server and Guest Numbers and Click OK

  • 뱅크카드서비스 | 프라임페이먼트서비스 | 멀천서비스 | 온라인오더링 | pos시스템 | 비대면오더

    ​카드 수수료 정확한 분석을 통해 불필요한 비용절감 ​고객분들 마다 딱 맞는 맞춤형 수수료 제공 ​복잡한 계약서가 없습니다 미니멈 수수료가 없습니다 불합리한 약정 위약금이 없습니다 히든 챠지가 없습니다 무료견적 문의 무료견적 현재 사용하시는 카드서비스의 스테이먼트 보내주시면 자세히 분석 비교해드립니다 First Name Last Name Email Subject Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting! 문의 Contact Us Address 9845 Painter Ave. #B Whittier, CA 90605 Contact 1-888-507-8265 Opening Hours Mon - Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday closed ​Sunday closed Back to Home

  • jk restaurant | PrimePaymentServices

    JK Restaurant User Manual JK Soft - Restaurant Designed for people with no POS system experiences. 100% touch screen based, intuitive graphical user interface. Easy to learn and use. Takes less than 30 minutes to learn. Intuitive design prevents user mistakes. Easy to setup menu and modifiers. Informative, color coded table status indicators. Easily add, edit, merge, split, or transfer orders. 12000+ Customers And Growing Quick Manual Starting -ORDERS- arrow&v -SETUP- arrow&v -MANAGEMENT arrow&v -REPORT- arrow&v CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK WHAT'S IN HERE? Back to Top

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    Support Manual, Training, Instruction, Download POYNT Smart Terminal A920 Smart Terminal CLOVER Point of Sales VERONA Point of Sales JK Retail Point of Sales JK Restaur ant Point of Sales Card Terminal Standalone Terminal

  • 프라임 페이먼트 서비스: 카드서비스 & 멀천서비스 Merchant service | Prime Payment Services

    Smart Terminal Free! Get it now! Get Started Why Prime Payment Service? 01 One Stop Service 02 Professional 03 Customer Service 04 Reasonable Rate Free! Smart Terminal More Clover builds smart, customized point of sale systems to make running your business easier More QR CONTACTLESS Simple and Easy Ordering process No Apps installation is required from customer ​ Order item on the phone Call Server to request services Pay bill on the phone More CLOUD/LOCAL SYSTEM Cloud & Locan hybrid network allows industry top stability and multi-device integration into our single POS system. EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Help employees organize themselves with quick and easy to use operation tool with extraordinary features. REAL TIME ONLINE REPORT Simple and intuitive report data in real time accessible from anywhere with latency under 7 seconds PAYMENT Multiple payment devices integrated into our system allowing quick and easy payment process anywhere in restaurant. For Any Type of Business Retail Table Service Restaurants Counter Service Restaurants Other PRIME WEB Free Website Design Be our Partner and Get your own Website now! + Advertise Business + Get Online Order = Increase income MORE 문의하기 arrow&v 提交要求 感謝您的提交! contact sales

  • RETAIL POS SYSTEM | PrimePaymentServices

    JK SOFT JKRETAIL Extremely easy to use. Usually takes less than 30 minutes to learn and train. Rock solid reliability based on decades of industry experience. Used in more than 12,000 locations worldwide. Utilizes the latest technology in artificial intelligence, data science, and behavioral engineering to help you improve store management. Powerful marketing tools including text/picture messaging, promotional emails, individualized marketing, multi-store reward systems and more. Online ordering website and QR code based table side ordering. Easy Inventory Management Better Management Adaptable & Flexible Rock Solid Reliability Powerful Marketing Employee Theft Prevention Better Reporting Competitive Price POWERFUL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Powerful yet easy to use inventory management. Automatically Lookup item information from internet including item name, description, size, and picture. Quickly search for items based similarity and UPC groups. Print price tag & shelf tag lables with one click. Easy to setup mix & match and tag along items. Supports thousands of promotion combinations. Convenient daily, weekly & monthly sales lookup without going to reports screen. Price, promotion, and inventory change history. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE Easily adaptable to any types of retail stores. Adaptable to small retail stores to nationwide grocery chains. Beautiful, easy to use interface. Powerful and easy to setup promotions. Supports most hardware in the market. Weight scales, scanners, finger print readers, customer displays, and more. Sign pad and pin pad integration from multiple vendors such as Verifone and PAX. Supports multiple languages and currencies. Customize sales screen's layout to anyway you like! Assign any colors, location, size, and keyboard shortcuts. Assign frequently sold items as quick buttons. Packed withall the features you'll ever need to run store successfully. Touch screen based but also fully supports keyboard operation. tONS OF MANAGEMENT features Inventory management, receive, and checks. Purchase order creation and procurement. Automatic purchase order generation. No need to add items one by one to purchase order. Option to create purchase order automatically based on past sales data and artifical inteligence. Batch processing quickly applies changes to thousands of items sucha as 10% increase in price. Diffferent pricing for vendors. Useful in wholesale. Employee setup, security, payouts, payroll, and time clock. Multi-level employee security, theft detection, and prevention. Manage vendors, customers, and account receivables. Arrange your frequently used management tools on one screen. rOCK SOLID rELIABILITY Reliability built on decades of development experience. One of the most reliable POS software in the industry. Most dealers provide 24/7 customer supports. No more "please wait until Monday when the office opens" non-sense. Knowledgeable technical support team. Some even worked more than 10 years. Bulletproof software that never crashes. Industry's fastest updates and bug fixes. Automatic data backup to 3 different locations. Internet data backup and restore option. POWERFUL MARKETING Send text marketing messages with photos to thousands of customers at once. For example, send "Today's Family Dinner Special" text message with picture of the food around 5:30 pm when people are starting to head back home. Send marketing email messages created from multiple templates. Create coupons, letters, door hangers, gift certificates, and greeting cards. Uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to predict items customers might like but haven't tried. And suggest that item when customer orders next time. Uses A.I. to help you choose customers most likely to visit your store. Start promotional campaigns based on this result. Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns and uses its data to improve next campaign. Using the latest technology from behavioral science, JKRetail helps customers develop an habit to visit your store more often. Send reward amount expiration reminder text to customer. Send reward amount milestone reminder text to customer. Supports bonus card customer reward program. Variable reward amount depending on sales amount. Customizable marketing wizard to perform marketing campaign automatically. EMPLOYEE THEFT PREVENTION Anti-Theft utility detects over 20 different types of employee theft types. Records each theft attempt in detail showing employee, data/time, invoice #, total amount, discount %, etc. Employee theft text alerting : Sends text message to the owner when theft activity is detected. Sentry System : When a theft attempt is detected, alert message appears and can only be unlocked by the manager. Uses artificial intelligence to show which employees are most likely to steal. Utilizes data science to determine which employee is most liked by customers. Detailed audit list that shows every action taken by employees such as creating new order, item add, item delete, discounts, voids, payment, etc. Block employees before attempting theft. Flexible tip processing and sharing. Uses behavioral science to nudge employees to greet customers more kindly. Smooth shift transfers. Detailed and customizable drawer in/out reports. Employee commissions. Powerful anti-theft module. Detects and blocks suspicious employee actions. Numerous employee privilege levels based on position. Records every suspicious employee activities. Powerful, detailed employee audit reports. Supports integrated cashier monitoring camera. REPORTS . REPORTS. REPORTS Hundreds of reports in nine categories. Export reports to PDF, Excel, Quickbooks, or Word format. Print all reports on either laser of invoice printer. E-Mail reports or even fax reports to you! Receieve reports via email automatically! MULTI-STORE/FINACHISE READY Adaptable to single store or nationwide franchise. Cloud based sales data & giftcard synchronization. View reports for all store from the your PC, tablet, or cell phone. Enterprise edition can manages up to 99,999 stores! COMPETITIVE PRICE One of the most affordable, yet most powerful POS systems in the market. That's why over 12,000 stores use our software. Flexible one time purchase or monthly rent options. Freedom to choose a dealer who give best credit card rates. Optional cash discount feature where credit card fees are charged to the customer. Use any merchant services processors you choose including Chase, Elavon, Evo, FirstData, Global Payments, TSYS, and WorldPay. We strictly require our dealers to have highest integrity and honest business practices. Back to home

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  • Poynt (support) | PrimePaymentServices

    POYNT SMART TERMINAL Ready to start using Poynt? Using the resources below, you’ll be up and running in no time. Quick Start Guide Poynt Register App Guide Demo Videos These videos cover everything from setting up your device to completing a transaction. Poynt Start-up Activating your Poynt Smart Terminal Activating with a QR code Getting Started with your Poynt Smart Terminal Setting up your Poynt Catalog Customizing your Settings and Connectivity Creating and Applying Taxes, Discounts, and Fees in your Catalog and Register App Poynt Lodging App Sales and Reports on Poynt HQ Business on Poynt HQ Poynt Apps on Poynt HQ Poynt HQ Overview: Merchant Experience using Poynt HQ Mobile App Back to Top

  • PCI | PrimePaymentServices

    PCI接口 什麼是PCI合規性? 支付卡行業數據安全標準 PCI DSS是一組用於增強支付帳戶數據安全性的綜合要求。這些要求是由PCI安全標準委員會的創始支付品牌制定的,包括美國運通,Discover Financial Services,JCB International,MasterCard Worldwide和Visa Inc. International,以幫助促進在全球範圍內廣泛採用一致的數據安全措施。 。 該安全標準包括對安全管理,策略,過程,網絡體系結構,軟件設計和關鍵保護措施的要求。 PCI DSS旨在幫助組織主動保護客戶帳戶數據。 誰需要遵循PCI DDS? 每個人 PCI DSS會影響那些積極處理支付卡信息的人,例如卡號,CVV2 / CVC2 / CID,持卡人的姓名,有效期,完整磁條數據,PIN數據等。支付卡處理器,銀行,持卡人,商家服務提供商,商家是受PCI DSS影響的少數例子。 換句話說,接受支付卡作為支付方式的商戶必須遵守PCI DSS。 它為什麼如此重要? 由PCI安全標準委員會授權以保護敏感信息 防止內部安全漏洞 保護免受黑客/入侵者的攻擊 違規責任 財務責任 卡協會施加的罰款/罰金 加工公司收取的費用 舞弊 退款 法律責任 民事訴訟 刑事訴訟 對安全性有什麼誤解? 許多組織認為安全漏洞永遠不會發生,或者他們擁有“足夠”的安全性 事實是,沒有100%的安全性。隨著技術的發展,黑客也隨之發展。始終面對這些威脅是防止將來發生違規事件的唯一方法。 甚至那些擁有PCI認證並滿足最低安全級別的12個要求的人也遭到黑客的破壞。 PCI DSS的目的不是防止安全漏洞,而是讓組織意識到這些威脅並幫助他們主動保護客戶帳戶數據。 你能做什麼? 或合規性服務(55美元/年) 填寫並簽署此表格並發送給我們 不要主動對違規做出反應,而要主動預防這些違規行為首先發生。對PCI進行研究可以極大地幫助您找到保護客戶信息的方法。 無論大小,所有組織都必須意識到安全性的重要性以及支付卡行業中PCI DSS的目標。 邁出第一步:PCI合規性-https: // 聯繫我們

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    在線訂購 POS集成在線訂購系統將為您節省大量的操作費用。此外,我們的在線訂購將建立您的品牌力量來提高銷量。 完全 整合 使用POS 一套系統中的POS和在線訂單 由於POS可以像控制同一系統一樣控制在線訂購,因此輕鬆控制在線訂購站點管理。 提示功能 我們的在線訂購站點支持內部的提示功能,該功能使客戶可以在購買食物時添加提示。 堅強 品牌識別 您的商店 自定義我們的在線訂購網站來表達您的商店。使用Google,facebook或Yelp使全世界知道您的商店。 多個位置 在線訂購 如果您有多個商店位置,請放心,我們的在線商店可以處理。 您可以宣傳您的品牌域名地址,然後由客戶選擇位置

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    常問問題 電動勢 EMV是智能支付卡以及可以接受它們的支付終端和自動櫃員機的技術標準。 EMV(歐洲支付卡,萬事達卡和Visa卡)是智能卡(也稱為芯片卡或IC卡),其數據存儲在集成電路上而不是磁條上,儘管許多EMV卡也具有條條以實現向後兼容。它們可以是必須物理插入(或“浸入”)讀卡器的接觸卡,也可以是可以使用射頻識別(RFID)技術在短距離內讀取的非接觸卡。符合EMV標準的支付卡通常稱為芯片和PIN或芯片和簽名卡,這取決於使用它們的確切身份驗證方法。 強制銷售 僅當您具有直接從卡處理公司或您的POA設備的“語音驗證中心”獲得的6位字母/數字“有效授權”時,才使用強制銷售。在任何情況下都不允許客戶操作您的POS設備。 手動銷售 如果您有卡號和有效期,則可以完成手動銷售,但是對於可能的持卡人糾紛或欺詐活動,您應該具有CVV代碼,地址和郵政編碼,並帶有響應代碼“ Y”或“ X”。 無效或退款 如果您尚未結算批次,請使用“無效”功能取消交易。如果批次已結清,則將使用“退款”退還給客戶。請確保將“退款”發給與原始銷售相同的信用卡。 欺詐卡 信用卡欺詐是一個廣泛的術語,涉及使用或涉及諸如信用卡或借記卡之類的支付卡作為交易中的欺詐資金來源而進行的盜竊和欺詐。目的可能是在不付款的情況下獲得商品,或從帳戶中獲得未經授權的資金。信用卡欺詐也是身份盜竊的輔助手段。根據美國聯邦貿易委員會的數據,在過去幾年中,身份盜用一直保持穩定,但在2008年,身份盜用率上升了21%。但是,信用卡欺詐(大多數人與ID盜竊有關的犯罪)隨著連續第六年在所有身份盜用投訴中所佔的百分比 PCI接口 支付卡行業數據安全標準(PCI DSS)適用於接受信用卡支付的任何規模的公司。如果您的公司打算接受卡付款,並存儲,處理和傳輸持卡人數據,則需要使用符合PCI標準的託管服務提供商安全地託管您的數據。 1099K表格 引入了支付卡和第三方網絡交易來報告從電子支付中獲得的收入,例如信用卡,借記卡,Google Checkout,PayPal和其他付款人。國稅局正在使用他們通過此表格收集的數據來建立合規計劃

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    A POS system designed to make things easy Your Clover point-of-sale (POS) system makes running your business a breeze. Take orders and accept payments . Organize inventory and manage your team . Grow your customer base. All at the tips of your fingers. Use Your Own Clover Devices And get a Prime Payment's Service Clover builds smart, customized point of sale systems to make running your business easier Contact to SALES x Same Device Better Rate and Service Order Now

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