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  • Extremely easy to use. Usually takes less than 30 minutes to learn and train.

  • Rock solid reliability based on decades of industry experience.

  • Used in more than 12,000 locations worldwide.

  • Utilizes the latest technology in artificial intelligence, data science, and behavioral engineering to help you improve store management.

  • Powerful marketing tools including text/picture messaging, promotional emails, individualized marketing, multi-store reward systems and more.

  • Online ordering website and QR code based table side ordering.

  • Powerful yet easy to use inventory management.

  • Automatically Lookup item information from internet including item name, description, size, and picture.

  • Quickly search for items based similarity and UPC groups.

  • Print price tag & shelf tag lables with one click.

  • Easy to setup mix & match and tag along items.

  • Supports thousands of promotion combinations.

  • Convenient daily, weekly & monthly sales lookup without going to reports screen.

  • Price, promotion, and inventory change history.

  • Easily adaptable to any types of retail stores.

  • Adaptable to small retail stores to nationwide grocery chains.

  • Beautiful, easy to use interface.

  • Powerful and easy to setup promotions.

  • Supports most hardware in the market. Weight scales, scanners, finger print readers, customer displays, and more.

  • Sign pad and pin pad integration from multiple vendors such as Verifone and PAX.

  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.

  • Customize sales screen's layout to anyway you like!

  • Assign any colors, location, size, and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Assign frequently sold items as quick buttons.

  • Packed withall the features you'll ever need to run store successfully.

  • Touch screen based but also fully supports keyboard operation.

  • Inventory management, receive, and checks.

  • Purchase order creation and procurement.

  • Automatic purchase order generation. No need to add items one by one to purchase order.

  • Option to create purchase order automatically based on past sales data and artifical inteligence.

  • Batch processing quickly applies changes to thousands of items sucha as 10% increase in price.

  • Diffferent pricing for vendors. Useful in wholesale.

  • Employee setup, security, payouts, payroll, and time clock.

  • Multi-level employee security, theft detection, and prevention.

  • Manage vendors, customers, and account receivables.

  • Arrange your frequently used management tools on one screen.

Customer Service Rep
  • Reliability built on decades of development experience.

  • One of the most reliable POS software in the industry.

  • Most dealers provide 24/7 customer supports. No more "please wait until Monday when the office opens" non-sense.

  • Knowledgeable technical support team. Some even worked more than 10 years.

  • Bulletproof software that never crashes.

  • Industry's fastest updates and bug fixes.

  • Automatic data backup to 3 different locations.

  • Internet data backup and restore option.

  • Send text marketing messages with photos to thousands of customers at once. For example, send "Today's Family Dinner Special" text message with picture of the food around 5:30 pm when people are starting to head back home.

  • Send marketing email messages created from multiple templates.

  • Create coupons, letters, door hangers, gift certificates, and greeting cards.

  • Uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to predict items customers might like but haven't tried. And suggest that item when customer orders next time.

  • Uses A.I. to help you choose customers most likely to visit your store. Start promotional campaigns based on this result.

  • Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns and uses its data to improve next campaign.

  • Using the latest technology from behavioral science, JKRetail helps customers develop an habit to visit your store more often.

  • Send reward amount expiration reminder text to customer.

  • Send reward amount milestone reminder text to customer.

  • Supports bonus card customer reward program.

  • Variable reward amount depending on sales amount.

  • Customizable marketing wizard to perform marketing campaign automatically.

  • Anti-Theft utility detects over 20 different types of employee theft types.

  • Records each theft attempt in detail showing employee, data/time, invoice #, total amount, discount %, etc.

  • Employee theft text alerting : Sends text message to the owner when theft activity is detected.

  • Sentry System : When a theft attempt is detected, alert message appears and can only be unlocked by the manager.

  • Uses artificial intelligence to show which employees are most likely to steal.

  • Utilizes data science to determine which employee is most liked by customers.

  • Detailed audit list that shows every action taken by employees such as creating new order, item add, item delete, discounts, voids, payment, etc.

  • Block employees before attempting theft.

  • Flexible tip processing and sharing.

  • Uses behavioral science to nudge employees to greet customers more kindly.

  • Smooth shift transfers.

  • Detailed and customizable drawer in/out reports.

  • Employee commissions.

  • Powerful anti-theft module.

  • Detects and blocks suspicious employee actions.

  • Numerous employee privilege levels based on position.

  • Records every suspicious employee activities.

  • Powerful, detailed employee audit reports.

  • Supports integrated cashier monitoring camera.

  • Hundreds of reports in nine categories.

  • Export reports to PDF, Excel, Quickbooks, or Word format.

  • Print all reports on either laser of invoice printer.

  • E-Mail reports or even fax reports to you!

  • Receieve reports via email automatically!

  • Adaptable to single store or nationwide franchise.

  • Cloud based sales data & giftcard synchronization.

  • View reports for all store from the your PC, tablet, or cell phone.

  • Enterprise edition can manages up to 99,999 stores!

Calculate Savings
  • One of the most affordable, yet most powerful POS systems in the market. That's why over 12,000 stores use our software.

  • Flexible one time purchase or monthly rent options.

  • Freedom to choose a dealer who give best credit card rates.

  • Optional cash discount feature where credit card fees are charged to the customer.

  • Use any merchant services processors you choose including Chase, Elavon, Evo, FirstData, Global Payments, TSYS, and WorldPay.

  • We strictly require our dealers to have highest integrity and honest business practices.

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